Team BTE offers a variety of services including Personal Training and Nutritional Guidance to account for any budget.


Personal Training

Personal Training starts with a free consultation session where goals, medical concerns and any other concerns you may have are discussed in a comfortable environment. 1 on 1 Personal Training is for you if you feel like you aren’t reaching your goals, have hit a plateau or need extra guidance and motivation when training.


Try out 2 on 1 Personal Training with a friend to have a fun, high energy session. Included in personal training is nutritional guidance. Food plays a huge part in our life and with the knowledge of how your body utilises food, you can reach your goals faster and feel better.

Personalised Program Package


Bridging the gap between personal training and online training, the Personalised Program Package offers an exercise program tailored to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. It also comes with 1 on 1 Personal Training session in the first week.


In these sessions the trainer will go through the program with you, show you techniques, push you to your limits and answer any questions you may have enabling you to have the knowledge to smash the sessions on your own. The trainer is also always on standby with any questions being answered via email.